Sunday, 7 July 2013

Robert DeLong: The Indie Calvin?

According to Nigel Harding (Radio 1 Executive) Robert Delong is the Indie Calvin. A sloppy description I believe but I see the point. He does sing on his own club production...

That aside, Robert Delongs first big offering called Global Concepts gives us an insight into his background of EDM and House whilst his Indie influences come across in his laid back vocals. The main synth line is typical of the genre but what makes his track stand out is the rhythmic elements.

Besides the four on the floor kick pattern, his use of percussive synths and hat samples and what sounds like a djembe that run in and out of the track provide some interesting grooves. Then of course there is the snare! Very few producers would be daring enough to put such a bombastic sound into a dance track but it gives the song something to stand out against all the other Indie House acts that pop up every few weeks.

DeLong has a background in percussion having studied drums at Azusa Pacific University, his interest in percussion and rhythm makes his music come into its own and seems to put it on another level to the barrage of EDM tracks that plague the airwaves. Besides he himself looking like a bit of an addict, his orange X gives him some great branding that his fans have taken to painting on themselves at gigs.

Whether he will really break into the mainstream music is yet to be discovered but I think on the strength of his latest EP/Album "Movements", he will be creeping more and more onto our iPods and Spotify playlists.